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Africa Infrastructure Building Corporation is registered in the United Kingdom. We trade under the name AIB Corp Ltd, which is an abbreviation for our legal registered name Africa Infrastructure Building Corporation Limited. Our headquarters located at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Gardens, London, United Kingdom and most of  our operations are carried out in Africa. We also work closely hand in hand with our sister company Afroglobal Trade Ltd together with a consortium of Engineers, Contractors, R & D companies, Investors, Projects financiers and International Project Managers. Our ultimate goal is to work with stakeholders to design and build the best infrastructure to sustain growth and development in Africa.

AIB Corp LTD belives that all projects that are carefully planned using transparent communication and professionalism tend to succeed
Building SPVs that can coexist and augment each other is essential for international projects team building
AIB Corp LTD works with project principals to set achievable goals and derisk projects by creating partnerships that are based on track record of success in order to gain investor confidence
AIB Corp LTD subscribes to the culture of promoting low carbon emmisions and driving the green energy global agenda togeter with ESG compliace and promoting SDGs

AIB Corporation Limited is affiliated to a consortium of credible investors and reputable EPC companies that have a huge global portfolio both in Africa and other continents. 

Our vision is to participate effectively in the growth & development of Africa by facilitating sustainable infrastructure building to improve the economy of the continent to world standards threshold.

Our core values are:

  • transparency

  • compliances to both international & domestic rules of engagement.

  • adding value to Africa by building infrastructure to support economies.

  • continuous business improvement.

  • effective stakeholders engagement.

  • delivering successful projects within agreed timelines and budgets.

1. Our Company

Africa Infrastructure Building Limited is registered in the UK where most of our operations are coordinated but we have a team of industry experts based in Africa to ensure that most most of our projects are delivered by people who are knowledgeable of the needs and requirements of the continent. However we always engage international stakeholders whenever its relevant to ensure quality and efficiency.

2. Our Team

Africa Infrastructure Building Corporation Limited is fully owned by passionate executives of African origin.

Mr Tendai Stephano, a CEO for the Uk head-office, He is a Project Manager by profession and who has partnered with an international equity providers and collaborating with international renown EPC companies, African Contractors, Engineers and other international technical consultancy to deliver quality and successful projects.

We also have a team of freelance consultancy across Africa in Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Botswana, Tanzania, Malawi.

3. Our Approach

AIB Corp LTD offers advisory service in appraising and structuring projects from inception from completion by building sutaibable Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships. All our work is carried out by consultants , credible engineers and contractors with vast traceable history of working on successful projects.  Our service ranges from getting projects to bankability stage by building high calibre project teams, structuring and securing funding .

4. Our Philosophy

Our company has a vision of assisting Africa to develop and grow to international standards by providing tailor-made solutions in acquisition of world class infrastructure. We always try to engage and include local stakeholders and contractors in most of our projects, whenever it's appropriate due to availability of skillsets. AIB Corporation has a policy of transparency and adherence to a framework of internationally viable parameters of engagement. We fully understand the dynamics of the African markets and its challenges but we ensure to stamp our authority in ensuring that projects are completed within time and on agreed budgets effieciently.

Partners and affiliates

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