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 AIB Corp Ltd(Africa Infrastructure Building Limited) is a facilitator for building Project Teams of Engineers, EPC Contractors , Project Managers, Operation and Maintenance, Concession Operators, Technology Providers and Investors for infrastructure building projects in Africa that satisfy the requirements of our Funders. 

Our unique strategy is not limited to Sovereign Guarantee, BOT, EPC+F, Turnkey and PPP but we also give priority to projects backed by governments and treasury . 

We uphold and comply with the mandate of most African Governments of controlling and monitoring stakeholders  who enter into their space to execute business. Hence we always consult and get the approvals of responsible authorities that govern the countries we operate in and also follow the international guidelines of engagement.

Renewable Energy

We facilitate FDI to renewable energy projects  in accordance with the ESG regulations of the global goals for projecting the environment. 

AIB Corp LTD is heavily involved in educating the emerging markets to deviate from the ancient fossil fuel energy use and adopting the  futuristic clean energy to save the climate by controlling global warming.


Our services in electricity production does include gas fired electricity, hydro powered electricity and conversation of waste to energy. We also offer FDI, EPC and EPC+F services subject to agreements with national decision makers within treasury or governments .  Currently we have partnered with a turnkey EPC+F company that offers cutting edge technology of upgrading coal power stations to very low emission and environmentally friendly status through the replacement of reactors that reduces CO2 to almost zero and producing a saleable highly flammable LSG gas as a by by product.

Water & Sewage Systems

 AIB Corporation Limited renders Foreign Direct Investment, EPC services and EPC+F services for water infrastructure . Our areas of speciality are water and waste water treatment plants, desalination and water pipelines.

Waste Management

We have also adopted the management of waste industry of converting waste to BIOMass Energy. Our partners can also offer high standard solutions of converting solid sewage waste into electricity .

Transportation Infrastructure

AIB Corporation Limited also engages in national projects of building roads, seaports, airports , metro transits network  using our close network of sustainable investors , technology providers and builders.

AIB Corp LTD believes that the world can be more sustainable with collaborations and partnerships to drive SDGs


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